Upcoming Events Highlight

  • 1. Sustainability Conference 2023
  • December 5-7, 2023
  • Join leading experts and innovators at our annual Sustainability Conference. This year’s theme focuses on ‘Green Technology and Innovation’. Expect engaging keynotes, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities.
  • Registration Link: Register for the Sustainability Conference

  • 2. Community Tree Planting Day
  • January 15, 2024
  • Be a part of our Community Tree Planting initiative. A family-friendly event dedicated to increasing urban green spaces. Tools and guidance provided – just bring your enthusiasm!
  • Registration Link: Join the Tree Planting Day

  • 3. Renewable Energy Workshop
  • February 20, 2024
  • Explore the future of renewable energy in our interactive workshop. Ideal for students, professionals, and anyone interested in sustainable energy solutions. Hands-on demonstrations and expert talks included.
  • Registration Link: Sign Up for the Renewable Energy Workshop

List of Upcoming Events at the Sustainability Media Lab

1. Eco-Innovators Meetup

  • Title: Eco-Innovators Meetup
  • Date and Time: November 25, 2023, at 10:00 AM
  • Location: Green Hub, 123 Eco Street, Sustainability City
  • Short Description: A networking event for individuals passionate about eco-innovation. Share ideas, collaborate, and learn about the latest in sustainable technology.
  • More Details Link: Eco-Innovators Meetup Details
  • Registration Button: Register Now

2. Virtual Seminar: Climate Change and Policy

  • Title: Climate Change and Policy
  • Date and Time: December 10, 2023, at 3:00 PM
  • Location: Online Webinar (Link provided upon registration)
  • Short Description: An insightful seminar discussing the intersection of climate change and public policy. Hear from policy makers, activists, and scientists.
  • More Details Link: Seminar Information
  • Registration Button: Join Webinar

3. Workshop on Sustainable Agriculture

  • Title: Sustainable Agriculture Workshop
  • Date and Time: January 5, 2024, at 1:00 PM
  • Location: FarmTech Center, 456 Agri Lane, Greenfield
  • Short Description: Learn about sustainable farming practices and modern agricultural technologies. Ideal for farmers, students, and environmentalists.
  • More Details Link: Workshop Overview
  • Registration Button: Enroll Now

4. Green Architecture Symposium

  • Title: Green Architecture Symposium
  • Date and Time: February 22, 2024, at 9:00 AM
  • Location: Design Hall, 789 Innovation Blvd, Architect City
  • Short Description: A symposium focusing on sustainable building design and urban planning. Featuring architects, urban planners, and environmental experts.
  • More Details Link: Symposium Details
  • Registration Button: Reserve Your Spot

5. Family Eco-Fair

  • Title: Family Eco-Fair
  • Date and Time: March 12, 2024, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Location: Central Park, 101 Nature Road, Sunshine Town
  • Short Description: A fun and educational day out for the whole family. Enjoy eco-friendly workshops, green living exhibits, and activities for kids.
  • More Details Link: Eco-Fair Information
  • Registration Button: Get Tickets

Event Calendar

May 2024

Explore Our Past Events

1. International Summit on Renewable Energy

  • Thumbnail: Image of a speaker presenting in front of a large screen displaying renewable energy stats.
  • Title: International Summit on Renewable Energy
  • Recap Link: Summit Recap and Highlights
  • Description: An overview of key discussions, presentations, and insights from the summit, along with access to select session videos and resource materials.

2. Urban Sustainability Panel Discussion

  • Thumbnail: Photo of panelists in discussion at a roundtable setup.
  • Title: Urban Sustainability Panel Discussion
  • Recap Link: Panel Discussion Overview
  • Description: Summary of the panel discussion with urban sustainability experts, featuring key takeaways and a full video recording of the event.

3. Green Technology Expo

  • Thumbnail: Image showcasing various green technology exhibits.
  • Title: Green Technology Expo
  • Recap Link: Expo Highlights
  • Description: A recap of the expo with glimpses into innovative green technologies showcased, interviews with exhibitors, and links to additional information about the technologies.

4. Clean Water Initiative Workshop

  • Thumbnail: Photo of participants engaged in hands-on activities.
  • Title: Clean Water Initiative Workshop
  • Recap Link: Workshop Summary
  • Description: Insights and outcomes from the workshop, focusing on strategies for clean water management and conservation, including a compilation of resource materials.

5. Eco-Friendly Architecture Seminar

  • Thumbnail: Image of a modern, sustainable building design presented at the seminar.
  • Title: Eco-Friendly Architecture Seminar
  • Recap Link: Seminar Recap
  • Description: Detailed summary of the seminar on eco-friendly architecture, with keynotes from leading architects, and a link to the seminar’s presentation slides and video.

Join Us at Our Upcoming Events – Be a Part of the Change!

Are you passionate about creating a sustainable future? The Sustainability Media Lab invites you to actively participate in our upcoming events. Each event is an opportunity to learn, share, and contribute to vital discussions and activities focusing on sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Volunteer with Us

  • Make a Difference: Your time and skills can significantly contribute to the success of our events. From on-ground support at community tree planting days to assisting in organizing workshops, your involvement is invaluable.
  • Sign Up to Volunteer: Become a Volunteer

Share Your Expertise

  • Become a Speaker or Presenter: Do you have expertise in sustainability, environmental science, or related fields? We are always looking for knowledgeable individuals to enrich our events with insightful presentations and talks.
  • Apply to be a Speaker: Speaker Application

Participate in Workshops and Seminars

  • Learn and Grow: Our workshops and seminars are designed to offer both education and hands-on experience in various sustainability topics. These sessions are perfect for both beginners and experts alike.
  • Register for Workshops/Seminars: Upcoming Workshops and Seminars

Attend Our Conferences and Expos

  • Network and Collaborate: Our conferences and expos are excellent platforms for networking with like-minded individuals and organizations, fostering collaborations that can lead to innovative sustainability solutions.
  • Explore Conferences/Expos: Conference and Expo Calendar

Your participation is not just attendance; it’s an active step towards a more sustainable world. Join us, contribute, learn, and help spread the message of sustainability!

Community Feedback

Testimonials from Attendees of Our Past Events

  1. Mia Thompson, Workshop Participant
    • “The sustainable agriculture workshop was a game-changer for me. It was enlightening to learn about eco-friendly farming practices. The hands-on experience was invaluable!”
  2. Raj Patel, Conference Attendee
    • “Attending the International Summit on Renewable Energy organized by the Lab was an incredible experience. The discussions were eye-opening, and the networking opportunities have been beneficial for my work.”
  1. Emily Gonzalez, Volunteer
    • “Volunteering at the Community Tree Planting Day was not just fun but also deeply rewarding. It’s amazing to see the community come together for such a great cause!”
  2. Kenji Takahashi, Expo Visitor
    • “The Green Technology Expo was brilliantly organized. I was impressed by the range of innovations on display and the passion of the exhibitors. Truly inspiring!”
  3. Sarah Jacobs, Panel Discussion Participant
    • “The Urban Sustainability Panel Discussion was insightful. The diverse perspectives presented by the panelists offered a comprehensive view of the challenges and solutions in urban sustainability.”

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